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Democratization and Decentralization of Mobile Data

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Current App Market

Currently, there are 4.6 million apps on Google Play and 3.1 million on the App Store.

Consumer spend in app stores is expected to reach $139B+ in 2021.

Mobile application advertising spending is expected to grow from $144B in 2017 to $247B by 2020.

The Problem

App Discovery is broken

Nearly 5,000 apps are entering the app market every day.
Only 26% of these apps are discovered by users.

App Store Data is not Accessible

Google and Apple only provide publishers a platform to present apps, therefore App publishers keep track of different types of data on different platforms.
This makes the accuracy and validity of the data questionable.

App Store Data is not Actionable

There is too much data to interpret and it is extremely difficult to utilize raw data that is collected from 3rd parties.
The user needs constant guidance to interpret and take action with the data they are presented.

App Store Data is not Affordable

The entirety of the data comes from a 3rd party (middleman). To access all of the available market data, a publisher is likely to pay $500,000 annually.
Even the most basic data is often hidden behind a paywall.


The Mobile Action Infrastructure...

Mobile Action has solved the problems mentioned above by creating one platform where all of the market data lives.

Utilized in an Accessible Platform...

All App Store Data will be accessible through Action Data Token Platform.

Presenting Actionable Suggestions...

Action Data Token Platform will collect app market data and will make suggestions on how the user can effectively utilize the data.

In a Unique, Affordable and Rewarding Fashion.

Each time a publisher contributes data into the data pool, they will be awarded Action Data Tokens that can be used to obtain market data for free.

How Does Action Data Token Work?

Action Data Token (ACTN) is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Action Data Tokens will be the unit of exchange in the Action Data Token ecosystem.

By sharing their data, app publishers are able to earn ACTNs from a reward pool.

App Publishers can use these Tokens to access market data that they would normally have to pay for.

ACTN will be largely immune to inflation/deflation as it’s an Ethereum backed currency.

ACTN holders will have complete freedom on how to use the tokens.

Token Structure and Use of Blockchain

High Level Architecture of Action Token Data Market


Action Data Token Roadmap

Key Team Members

Mobile Action Advisors & Investors

Mobile Action's Customers

About Us

Since the inception of Mobile Action, our goal has always been to reach every app developer out there. The app industry in its current form is a place of fierce competition and quite frankly is not very welcoming. Google and Apple only provide you with a platform to present your app and nothing more. A major struggle for app developers is figuring out how to reach their audience and market their app. Tools like Mobile Action help market apps and give developers a resourceful place to access relevant data. Many developers however lack awareness of the existence of such tools and data. While some are aware; the costs of these tools deter them from actually using them.

We were obsessed with the idea of decentralizing the app industry by democratizing mobile data; however, we could not find a reliable way of coming up with a safe, stable and free platform to do so until we created Action Data Token. The Cryptocurrency backed Action Data Token provides the best possible medium of exchange for democratizing mobile data while also ensuring that the source of your data is safe and reliable.